About Me

I was 12 years old when I received my first computer. This gift ignited a passion inside me I wasn't aware I had. From there I began to explore the Graphic Design field by creating mash-ups of celebrities with abstract backgrounds, using ridiculous blending modes and filters applied in Adobe Photoshop. And it was at that point that I ventured further into Adobe ImageReady to begin crafting GIFs, and eventually building my own website hosted on Angelfire.

That was the point in which I fell in with the web...

My skills spawn from a love of problem solving. The rush that coding and programming a website or application provides is something that few other careers can offer. As a Front End Web Developer I aim to deliver quality, SEO-driven, responsive websites through HTML, CSS, and Javascript while maintaining data-integrity, and performance through PHP and MySQL. I've worked on projects of varying sizes from small static websites and web applications to large scale municipal websites housing over 1500+ pages.